As a part of the role and continuous support that we at ALA & TLA extend to our clients, we would like to highlight the following: -

Determining the true value of company assets requires an accurate, defensible assessment of both types of assets – tangible and intangible property. The Asset value of a company or an enterprise is a critical and necessary information, and quite often, a company or an enterprise are victims of the use of unprofessional means to estimate the assets valuations resulting in reflecting an unfair book value within the financial statements, which will not be inline with the framework for measuring fair value in generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) recommended by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB).

Unprofessional assessments may prove inadequate to replace equipment currently in use by your client, especially for older firms who may have been indexing their figures up on a yearly basis assuming that this will cover any increase in new equipment cost prices or specialized equipment.

In addition to the above, unfair value of Assets might lead your client to suffer from insufficient coverage or over insurance, which leads to inadequate premiums.

The above situations are unwarranted and can be avoided by providing accurate and more relevant valuation analysis.

At ALA & TLA, we have the skill, expertise, experience and resources to provide meaningful asset valuations. As importantly, we stay current with all emerging trends in this rapidly changing area and adapt our own processes to reflect the current state of the art and provide our clients with the best asset valuation services available anywhere.

Hence, based on the above, we propose to cooperate with your firm in this matter by extending our services to you, as well as to your referred clients as per a mutually agreed contractual agreement between our firms.